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About InterCultured

Zachary Kiritsy, Co-Founder & Writer
Zachary Kiritsy is a recent graduate from Georgetown University (2010) where he studied Economics and Modern Greek. In addition to his primary areas of study, other interests span a wide-range of topics including architecture, ethics, sports, and the arts (literature, film, music, and art), and InterCultured was conceived as a means to share experiences and opinions pertaining to these themes with the hope that others will be moved to comment and/or contribute, themselves.
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Paul Kiritsy, Co-Founder & Editor
Paul Kiritsy graduated from the University of Miami (2007) with degrees in Communication (BS) and Philosophy (BA). His professional experience in international marketing, communication, and education helped create the ethos at the core of InterCultured: that our advances in technology and communication will give us greater appreciation of our separate cultures.
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Mission Statement:

In today’s modern world, where media is an up-to-the-minute blur of news and information, technology has made it challenging for each of us to merely keep up with the whirlwind. Far easier, it might seem, to simply acquiesce to the tasks of our daily routine, and carry on with our lives with a narrow focus upon our immediate needs, neglecting the realities of a world that is immensely diverse. However, through this chaos, technology has also brought people closer, and the same world that is shared by over six billion people has been made smaller by the incredible developments in the way we can communicate.

These changes affect each of us on a personal level, but they also have an influence on a global scale. Countries no longer act as independent economic entities; they are instead tied together in an intricate global community that shares resources, products, information, and ideas. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., social media provides numerous venues for communication both here and abroad. Information from around the world is always at our fingertips.

The ability to access information, share ideas, and continuously learn allows us to be “cultured” in every sense of the word. In fact, it is our responsibility to be aware of our environment, which can no longer simply be the town in which you live or the city where you work. We are members of a much broader community, one that transcends national borders and includes all aspects of the globe. Current events overseas cannot be seen simply as “foreign” affairs, for their effects reverberate internationally, influencing our daily lives in one way or another.

My hope is that this blog can be a venue for the sharing of ideas and interests and where one can continue the life-long process of learning. By sharing my experiences and opinions on various issues, I intend to provide information and ideas that perhaps overlap with some of yours and may prompt discussion through agreement or criticism. Through commenting on issues and developments across many fields and nations, I have the opportunity, along with all of you, to work on becoming “inter-cultured.”

-Zachary Kiritsy, June 2011