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The Arts

The Determinants of Success and Wellbeing

Is it fate that allows one to excel while another falters, a pre-determined plan and path for each to follow? How do our decisions and choices affect our lives, especially when coupled with the opportunities that fate presents? Why is it that a select few are in Sochi, Russia this winter to participate in the [...]


Django Unchained | History Redux

The past year has seen a renewed interest in history at the cinema. From revisiting historical events in Argo and Zero Dark Thirty to reviewing historical figures in Lincoln and J. Edgar, there have been a series of films bringing the past back under the microscope and into the spotlight. If there’s one film, however, [...]


A Record Collection

America in the late 1960s was a society in the midst of cultural transformation. Heightened by the combined tensions caused by our involvement in the Vietnam War abroad and the civil rights movement at home, the art and consciousness of the 1960s burst out of the combustion of a conflicted American society caught in a [...]


Recently, I was watching an episode of Louie, the television series based loosely upon the life of stand-up comedian, Louis C.K., when suddenly I was struck by an uncanny similarity between his show and the work of Albert Camus, the famous French writer and philosopher. While their work differs in theme, tone, and setting, they [...]


The Tree of Life: Malick’s Masterpiece

Terrence Malick is a filmmaker and artist of the highest class, whose distinct style and sublime sense of storytelling has carved out a permanent place in the history of cinema. In the last 38 years, he has created five films, each of which explore the struggle of the human soul through visual poetry. After a [...]