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Global Affairs

Integrity in Today’s Sports

I do not know what it is like to score 54 points on the biggest stage in the basketball world, Madison Square Garden; to effortlessly drain 11 three-pointers while leaving the entire arena in absolute awe. I've played a lot of basketball in my life and shot my own fair share of three-pointers, albeit on [...]


The Greek Sense of Time

We were finally there, to experience the sight I had always stared at in the picturesque photograph above my desk. I had dreamt of seeing the sunset over the crystal clear blue water of the Aegean Sea, bouncing off the white cliffside houses and the blue domes of the churches of Santorini. My grandparents had told [...]


Different Dates, Universal Meaning

The sun was gradually setting on a beautiful spring evening, lowering in the sky with the last few rays making their way through the church windows and reflecting off of the large icons on the inner dome of the cathedral and behind the altar. The white stone walls, the red clay roof, and the blue [...]


United Behind our Selfless Civil Servants

Third graders run into their classroom, backpacks bobbing up and down on their shoulders as they find their desks, only to quickly remove their belongings and congregate with friends. Conversations, keep-away, tag, games of catch with tape-balls commence. The morning bell finally sounds at 8:15 and the teacher rises from her desk to address the [...]


The Journey

His text message read, “Dreyfus’s appointment is at 12:00 tomorrow”. I put my phone away. “Tomorrow”, I thought, “we will end his life”. I finished packing up the work I needed to bring home for the weekend and headed out to my car, my thoughts on our pending loss. On a cool, crisp Sunday afternoon [...]