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Life Outside the Game

We idolize them. We buy their jerseys, watch their games, and track their lives as if we know them personally. We “invest” in them with both our time and money and attribute them a sense of pride we would to close family and friends. They are capable of things that seem supernatural: there is a [...]


“Watching” History Unfold

I had been waiting months for it to begin. The Brits had been preparing its city for years. Everyone waited anxiously for the Olympics to begin, an event that not only showcases the world’s best athletes but also the culture of the host city and the history and tradition of the Games, which dates back [...]


Euro 2012 – A Welcomed Distraction

The European economic crisis and the state of the European Union have taken a back seat to the game of soccer. Well, kind of. Although the uncertainty in Europe regarding several EU members, most notably, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Portugal (the so-called PIGS or PIIGS) has undoubtedly held center stage for months, for a few [...]


Generational Grief and Gratitude

The Celtics will never be as good as they were these past 5 years. We will never see basketball played this way again. - Mike Kiritsy, three hours after Game 7 (June 9, 2012). Is this the way it felt just over two decades ago? A tug-of-war of emotions generated by the heart and the [...]


Madison Square Garden has hosted its fair share of famous sporting events since its construction; however, for more than a decade, "The World's Most Famous Arena" has not had much to celebrate. Despite its enormous payroll, a series of bad decisions and the wrong mix of talent practically led to the demise of the New [...]