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Basketball Going Global

As labor talks continue to yield little progress toward an agreement between team owners and their players, the outlook for the upcoming NBA season seems less promising with each passing day. However, the NBA lockout has not kept players from playing the game they love. Across the country, players have organized charity games, played at [...]


Mark Herzlich, the former Boston College standout linebacker and undrafted free agent, signed with the New York Giants this past Tuesday. With the finalization of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and the long-awaited end to the NFL Lockout on Monday, many players, like Herzlich, who did not hear their names called during the draft had [...]


This past Sunday millions of spectators around the world tuned into the Women’s World Cup Final, a match that featured a talented United States team against an upstart national team of Japan. The American team entered the match as the favorites, having staved off elimination in their exciting quarterfinal match against an always dangerous and [...]


Labor Disputes and Professional Sports

With its current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) having expired at the end of June, the NBA owners joined their NFL counterparts in locking out their players. Like the NFL lockout, which owners and players, as well as fans, have been enduring since March, this work stoppage is the result of unmet demands from either side, [...]


More Than Just an International Pastime?

While American sports dominate our sporting news, soccer seems to fly under the radar despite being the world’s most popular sport.  I must admit that I have never been an avid soccer fan, and if it were not for recent advertisements for the upcoming Women’s World Cup, I would have forgotten that a year has [...]