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From its incredible architecture and landmarks to its culture and cuisine, Chicago is one of America’s most inspiring cities. Rising up out of the Midwest into huge skyscrapers, Chicago’s skyline is recognized around the world, and the city’s architectural achievements are even more profound when considering the rebuilding that occurred after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 just over three decades after the city was first incorporated.

In the aftermath of that fire, the city brought in the world’s greatest architects, and the results of this rebuilding are evident today in the diversity of the styles, materials, and designs of the amazing buildings. Chicago has a very cinematic feel, and it’s no small wonder that many filmmakers come to Chicago to use the city as the backdrop for their movies. Looking down any of the city’s wide streets, the tall buildings seem to create canyons, and you quickly realize just where it got the nickname “Windy City.”

Amazingly, the city is as renown for its culture as it is for its architecture. From its food and cuisine to its fine arts, Chicago is a diverse city brimming with incredible music, theatre,  and arts. It is home to many museums, the most known being the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago is also home to many of the most famous sports teams in the country. The Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs and Whitesox are all incredibly popular and loved, but with regard to athletics, the city is most known for Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. The architecture is also an important part of the stadiums and arenas where each of these teams compete; the most famous of which being Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

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