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Researchers say male ring-tailed lemurs mix their own potent fragrances from glandular secretions and wield them in “stink fights” with other males. And the researchers want to determine if these are truly pheromones they detected. The episode begins with a live action segment. The spurs are used to gouge tree trunks before smearing them with scent. These chemical secretions, identified by … Secretions from the wrist glands can also be rubbed on the tail and flicked at an opponent. The clear liquid was sampled by researchers, both during and outside of the breeding season. “Since only ring-tailed lemurs have these wrist glands and exhibit ‘stink flirting’ behavior, we reasoned that specific odorants for sexual communication must be involved,” Touhara explains. As the tail slides through, it rubs against scent glands in his wrist. 100 LEMURS Collaboration with Artist Rachel Hudson, 2/16/2020 – Wild Workshop: Love and Lemurs. These Scientists already knew that male ring-tailed lemurs have glands on their wrists that emit a scent used to establish social rank, reproductive status and mark their territory. Though eye-sight is relatively poor, the ring-tailed lemur has an excellent sense of smell. VIDEO + AUDIO: What do lemurs sound like? Consider donating it to the DLC! His odd posture is due to the fact that, in typical male ring-tail marking behavior, he is mixing secretions produced by scent glands on the insides of his wrists (antebrachial glands) with stinky secretions produced by glands on his chest (brachial glands). Whereas male ring-tailed lemurs have multiple scent glands, females have just one scent gland, which is located in the genital area. Although this sounds like a very short time, it's enough to recognize or evoke curiosities in the male," said Touhara. Since women are often in their natal group when men move into a new group, the ring-tailed lemurs focus on a group of older wives and their children who belong to the social group. These glands secrete a fatty substance used to mark territory along their foraging routes. "During the yearly breeding season, male lemurs rub the glands on their wrists against their fluffy tails and then wave them at females in a behavior called 'stink flirting,'" said University of Tokyo professor and biochemist Kazushige Touhara in a statement. This may be more of an attraction for the females than size or strength of the males. (See Primate’s Scent Speaks Volumes. In a stink fight, a male ring-tail competes with other males by rubbing his tail with scent from his wrist glands. During mating season (mid-Spring, usually the month of May), males will use the glands on their arms to spread the secretions across their tails. Males even have a horny spur on each wrist gland that they use to pierce tree branches before scent marking them. INFANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Triplet ruffed lemurs born at the Duke Lemur Center! Young females do not always inherit their mother's rank and young males leave the troop between three and five years of age. It is a bright, early morning in Madagascar; Chris and Martin are packing things up to see ring-tailed lemurs. The scent can even change when a lemur is ill or socially stressed. These glands are typically used to designate social rank, territory, and … Ring-tailed lemurs communicate through vocalizations (over 20 call types) and scent-marking. Males also have scent glands on their chests, just above the collarbone and close to the armpit. Female lemurs then sniffed the scented tails when they were receptive to a mate. But older females who were no longer reproducing acted "unimpressed" by the sweet odor. Dominance is enforced by lunging, chasing, cuffing, grabbing and biting. The male wipes his tail past the inside of his forearms to mark it with his own distinctive scent. Both male and female ring-tailed lemurs have anogenital scent glands. The rival males then wave their tails in the air, wafting their “fragrance” toward each other.

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