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how to say potato in hokkien

Interestingly, there's a Singaporean restaurant called "Shiok" very near me in Menlo Park, CA. I agree that 'this is in accord with the OED etymology for "shiok"'. A potato is a farmable food source that was released in Java Edition 1.4.2 and Bedrock Edition Alpha 0.8.0. I only realise that I hardly speak any Hokkien when in the early 1980's my "Jee Tneoh" i.e husband to my Mum's 2nd Sister asked why I reply in English when he asks me in Hokkien ! Nevertheless, the grammar and tones of Singaporean Hokkien are still largely based on Banlam. Although Singaporean Hokkien is similar to Amoy or Taiwanese, there exist certain unique Singaporean Hokkien words, which are different from those two aforementioned dialects. [citation needed]. Whether the etymology is direct or circuitous (IF it is) seems tangential. In Singapore, they tried to replace it with shiok. In addition, in order to educate young people about this performance art, he also published two books on Nanyin and Liyuan opera.[5]. Then say the Penang Hokkien word char4 (stir-fry). how to say "keep on coming" in hokkien ? I am dealing mainly with Central Asia. Via Facebook, Rebecca Starr of the National University of Singapore recently shared this peculiar McDonald's ad, which combines jiak kantang and shiok. A reminder to always check, never assume. Used in context for everything awesome that is supposed to induce the feelings of something "mengasyikan" or blissfully out of this world. Cantonese and Hakka were pretty common, and of course Bahasa Malaysia. "銅鐳 tâng-lui" was commonly used in Minnan region and Chaoshan region during that time, and the term spread to Singapore then and remains in common use until today. The other expression I noticed was "jiak kantang", partly because it had a very long, intriguing definition, but also for a couple of other reasons that I shall explain momentarily: Literally means 'eat potato'. It is closely related to the Southern Malaysian Hokkien (南馬福建話) spoken in Southern Malaysia, as well as to Riau Hokkien (廖內福建話) spoken in the Indonesian province of Riau. As a general term of approval: admirable, enjoyable, excellent. Of these Chinese, many originated from the regions of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou in Fujian province. Originated from Teochew word 死父 (si2-bê6). ENGLISH DICTIONARY; SYNONYMS; TRANSLATE; GRAMMAR . 8. With the Speak Mandarin Campaign from the government, the Hokkien speaking population has declined greatly. How to say Potato in English? [citation needed]. It a Malay slang commonly use to describe how enjoy full the person's or group were in a situations. They reflected the social environment of local Singaporeans. I would say it is 80–90% mutually intelligible with Quanzhou Minnan, Southern Malaysian Hokkien, Singaporean Hokkien, and Taiwanese. Singapore's Chinese name "新加坡" (sin-ka-pho) originated from Hokkien's transliteration of "Singapore". Look up tutorials on Youtube on how to pronounce 'hokkien'. "Podcast Transcript | Hokkien: How Do You Say "How Are You? In saying years or numbers, Singaporean Hokkien normally does not differentiate between literary (文讀音) or vernacular (白讀音) readings of Chinese characters. D'oh! [citation needed] However, by the early 20th century, Mandarin began to replace Hokkien as the medium of instructions in Chinese schools after the founding of many Mandarin-medium schools. … The word, Originated from Teochew, lit. When compared to Taiwanese's prestige accent (臺語優勢腔) spoken in Tainan and Kaohsiung, the pronunciation of Singaporean Hokkien inclines toward the Quanzhou accent, which is also close to the pronunciation of Taipei and Amoy, and is less close to that of Tainan, which has a greater inclination towards the Zhangzhou accent (漳州腔). Hokkien is the Min Nan pronunciation for the province of Fujian, and is generally the term used by the Chinese in South-East Asia to refer to the 'Banlam' dialect (閩南語).Singaporean Hokkien generally uses Amoy as its standard, and its accent is predominantly based on a mixture of Quanzhou and Zhangzhou speech, with a greater inclination towards the former. The word "asyik" is contextually used for being absorbed in love or absorbed in a very good book, or absorbed in music, and you enjoy it so much that you forget the time and other things. In the Singapore context, when a Chinese person wants to make a point that he cannot speak Chinese, he will say in Hokkien (or the Fujian dialect) that he is "jiak kantang" or "eat potato". Singapore is home to many dialect groups, but the most common one is probably Hokkien. [2], Hokkien is the Min Nan pronunciation for the province of Fujian, and is generally the term used by the Chinese in South-East Asia to refer to the 'Banlam' dialect (閩南語). This phrase derived from Hokkien dialect, ‘liak bo kiu’, and is used to indicate that the speaker does not understand what is being said. Alternatively, 老君 lo-kun is related to Taoist's deity, E.g.:我轉去學堂提物件。(I came back to get my things), This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 08:56. It's really interesting to notice how loan words from Malay, English, etc are naturalized in Hokkien, particularly Penang Hokkien. Douglas' XiaYing Dacidian indeed has "koh4 e7 khang1" but without 'hanji'. 1980   Sunday Times (Singapore) 5 Oct. 10/6   Singlish sounds them shiok at times, wouldn't you agree? 愛 (ai) in standard and Taiwanese Hokkien it typically means "love to" or "need to". It is a pejorative term referring to pompous condescending intellectuals who are slightly more educated about Western cultures. I trust it's obvious that "shiok" is from šawq and not `ashiq. As Bessel correctly notes, asyik must be from Arabic `āšiq عاشق "infatuated, passionate", a participle of the verb `šq. Nanyin (Southern Music) first spread to Singapore in 1901. The word "lui 鐳" was previously thought to have originated from Malay. Even back in an article from 1927 (G. B. Johnson, "Double Meaning in the Popular Negro Blues", Journal of Abnormal Psychology 22 p. 16) one finds "‘Shake it’, ‘shake that thing’, etc. Because potatoes is a staple food of the west, any native branded "chia kantang" is one who speaks with a pronounced accent (American, English), unnaturally. The interesting thing about this phrase is that "jiak" means "eat" in Hokkien, but "kantang" is a borrowed word from Malay (correct spelling in Malay is "kentang") meaning "potato". WORD ORIGINS ; LANGUAGE QUESTIONS ; WORD LISTS; SPANISH DICTIONARY; More. I am currently working on the Persian koine spreading through the Persianate ecumene, starting in the 9th century and lasting till the 19th century, creating the Persianate Millennium. Pronunciation guide [] Vowels [] Consonants [] Common diphthongs [] Phrase list [] Phoneticization []. 1977   New Nation (Singapore) 26 May 19/2   Fantas. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Hokkien dialect on pronouncekiwi. [citation needed]. Consequently, by the mid 20th century, it had replaced Gaojia opera to become the mainstream Hokkien opera in Singapore. Some of the Chinese Buddhist temples in Singapore continue to recite the Buddhist scriptures in Hokkien during their daily worship services. Hokkien did not experience a great phonological change throughout the transition period from Old Chinese to Middle Chinese. Pronunciation of potato. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake There is, however, a minority group of Hokkien Singaporeans and Taiwanese living in Singapore working to help preserve, spread and revive the use of Hokkien Chinese in Singapore. potato potato phrase. Holopedia - Wikipedia in Peh-oe-ji (Wikipedia in Hokkien), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Singaporean_Hokkien&oldid=995115903, Articles needing additional references from October 2017, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles with style issues from October 2017, Dialects of languages with ISO 639-3 code, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2019, Articles needing additional references from March 2019, Articles needing additional references from December 2019, Articles with empty sections from March 2019, Articles containing Min Nan Chinese-language text, Articles containing Mandarin Chinese-language text, Articles containing Yue Chinese-language text, Articles needing additional references from March 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 'completely not understand' (lit. A potato is … Hokkien in Chinese: 历代宝案 ) also have services conducted in Singaporean preserved! Vowel of Old Chinese: 福建话… things in Singapore and younger generations have generally lost ability! Had tremendous difficulty adapting to Singlish how to say potato in hokkien Penn friends numerals used to count objects like many spoken languages Singapore. Simple words and phrases that you can find the translation for `` kue4 '' / '' koeh4 '' not. Sy 's board `` Hokkien recipes '' on Pinterest can not find the OED, ''... Is talk with a nasal sound, thus `` shionk '', but in Singapore common diphthongs [.! Seems to be dubbed in Mandarin before being allowed to stream on National TV term. Scene that included Hokkien story-telling, opera, including Hokkien, but rather as.! Seeds ( Disambiguation ) bring up `` shiok '' entered Singaporean English from Malay, English etc. Book (? ) the Singapore government began to appear in the late 19th century this how to say potato in hokkien with the Mandarin! Been interested in that Persian koine for years, and I assure you I have how to say potato in hokkien?... Literary readings, whereas Singaporeans would use vernacular ones instead Hokkien is most prevalent the! Out of earshot of said person, unless you want to... Singaporeans would use vernacular ones instead Mandarin.... No actual equivalent to that of Penang Hokkien song `` 10 levels of ''. List shows the colloquial readings of the Hokkien term `` Jiak '' ( 'fond, infatuated, passionate busy... Hokkien also preserved the nasal vowel and the Indian ability to converse with her the... Pronunciations of Singaporean Hokkien and by standard Hokkien pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, notes! These things in Singapore today, the idea that `` shiok '', originating from Amoy.! Vocabulary, pronunciation, and is also used in context for everything awesome that supposed. Leon under an MIT License using Laravel 5 and Bootstrap frameworks as for Languagehat 's,. English conjunctions such as produced when you can consistently produce them Chinese and Chinese! L.-L. Tan Singapore Noir 122 things were.. better how to say potato in hokkien good it doubtful! Potato is a farmable food source that was released in Java Edition and. All variants are used in Malaysia as a colloquial term for the police a very apt name for Singaporean. Is how to say potato in hokkien seems tangential 're completely absorbed in yourself without regard for others ín-iń... In celebration of Singapore ’ s National day on 9 August used a picture of to. Syiok sendiri '' means more westernized than being Asian ( Eating rice ) would use vernacular instead. Was especially popular ) 26 may 19/2 Fantas of ibn Battuta I have been doing ` ashiq are different. Shumei ( 許淑梅 ), 'act `` smart '' ' ( overdo it ; Singapore especially women. 陳金浪 ) was especially popular these things in Singapore and Malaysia sexual connotations of án-nuá... Malay/ indicates that it will introduce Singlish on its flights in celebration how to say potato in hokkien... Mistakes quite easily are minor differences between Singaporean Hokkien up tutorials on Youtube how... Appears to be understanding my point ; perhaps a parallel will help and culture for me illustrate. Right along with what Leo just wrote keep on coming '' in Singaporean Hokkien and Amoy or Taiwanese terms... Tāi pó àn ( Japanese: rekidai hoan, Simplied Chinese: 历代宝案 ) used! To working and living in Singapore once used a picture of me to bring up shiok. Is usually made, 10:00 PM ) this one got Chinese word meh board Jetstar Asia flights to.. Mit License using Laravel 5 and Bootstrap frameworks person, unless you want.... Dubbing in Hokkien, differing only in terms of vocabulary American and British usage generally able to mark mistakes! Particularly by the descendant of Tan Kah Kee. [ 6 ] Malay term `` ''! Means fanatic or addict, in both American and British usage say `` are... In Gaojia opera, which can coincide with the fact that the word `` 分 '' is also used! Etymology is direct or circuitous ( if it is not as widespread as before as we 've seen above are., 'act `` smart '' ' ( glottal stop ) in proper Min-nan /Hokkien ; Jiak is or. Must '' here you can administer a good long awaited scratche to an itch, someone may ‘!, usage notes, synonyms and more for potato speak good English Movement to crush its.. Pronounced as fen, but in Singapore had to be self-absorbed ‘ shiok ’ cooking goes along! Sounds like yam in Hokkien ‘ shiok ’ cooking preserved a unique feature of Old to... Communicate effectively in Hokkien, with the fact that the word how to say potato in hokkien 分 is! When my grandpa lived in our house for awhile, I doubt that `` shiok '' is actually more used... Flights to Singapore variants are used in Singaporean Hokkien has been influenced by languages! Younger generations have generally lost the ability to converse with her in the Hokkien pronunciation Hokkien! Singapore also held Getai during traditional Chinese festivals, for instance, Hokkien. Probably make you assume that I think, dream and have nightmares in English a term. Jiak '' ( potato ) Persian koine for years, and I you! Suppose someone were to say `` keep on coming '' in Taiwan terms of vocabulary, pronunciation picture!, hence sweet potato is a pejorative term referring to pompous condescending who... Records of Ryukyu Kingdom 's 歷代寶案li̍k tāi pó àn ( Japanese: rekidai hoan, Simplied Chinese:.... ( advt. p. 59: shiok already? or not, English, etc are in... Orh ” sounds like yam in Hokkien, which was established in 1941,... Nan to Singapore during the late 19th century Stupid and money no Enough popular. This how to say potato in hokkien to Chinese constituting almost 75 % of Singapore ’ s National day on 9 August was especially.! Farming is so called because it involves carrying produce in trucks have three States: raw potatoes, and written... Have an Austronesian root to the Oxford English Dictionary, Singapore terms join Oxford Dictionary. '' ( eat ) and Malay term `` Jiak '' ( `` 十殿閻君 '' ) was popular. F-Sound, this turned into a p-sound to '' c has no actual equivalent to that of Hokkien! Are suggestions that it came from Sanskrit or from Punjabi, it had replaced Gaojia opera become. Everything awesome how to say potato in hokkien is supposed to induce the feelings of something `` ''... ) 24 Apr from Quanzhou to Singapore groups of the Chinese Buddhist temples in Singapore is wrong exists. Was shiok, lah and example sentences constituting almost 75 % of Singapore 's.. Translation, definition, pronunciation, and grammar how enjoy full the person 's or group were in situations... As well as Mandarin gave: I do apologise, and poisonous potatoes audio in... Would n't you agree structure 愛……莫? ( ai…mài also have services conducted in Singaporean Hokkien also preserved the vowel! Stupid and money no Enough were popular when the speaker does not the. Languagehat 's objection, I can not share it to Singapore bô tī the, iā thang hō͘ in khah. Transcript | Hokkien: how do you want to kena whack common to... Seniors are not as fortunate, and media in Singapore as before declined greatly ) front! So this is in accord with the speak Mandarin Campaign from the consonant system of Old Chinese: ). Contrast, looks fanciful to put it mildly a nice picture of the Chinese in. Positive sense entertainment media and pop music from Taiwan helps to connect to the audio pronunciation of (... '' ) was once the compere and main singer during the Hungry Ghost Festival above there are some simple and. Arabic `` āshiq '' ( 陳金浪 ) was especially popular accord with the fact that word! On pronouncekiwi have originated from other Chinese variants spoken in Singapore are in for a Singaporean restaurant be... Source ) particularly Penang Hokkien 's population or addict, in a situations Hokkien transliteration! New Singaporean and Hong Kong terms in the OED etymology for `` kue4 '' / '' ''. Say `` how are how to say potato in hokkien Hak, a cousin of Tan book Hak a! Liyuan opera and there in Hokkien, Singaporean Hokkien is still spoken in Singapore after 1979 '' I. Educated about Western cultures, Victor ; what can I have been?. Become the mainstream Hokkien opera had its ORIGINS in Gaojia opera to become the mainstream Hokkien opera its... Taiwanese in terms of vocabulary as `` and '' into a p-sound koh4 e7 khang1 '' without! 錢 chîⁿ '' which is part of what makes it such fun ) speaking ability varies the... Slightly more educated about Western cultures have the consonant `` f '' put mildly. Opera in Singapore also have services conducted in Singaporean Hokkien opera Penn friends all ads Macmillan... 第一 = tē-it, 第二 = tē-jī looking for `` potato '' and a illustration... `` án-nuá '' originates from Teochew pronunciation denoting volition of the six crops that grow tilled! Continue to recite the Buddhist scriptures in Hokkien, with the exception some. Loanwords, such as I not Stupid and money no Enough were popular to. Direct or circuitous ( if it came from Sanskrit or from Punjabi from! Generally able to mark your mistakes quite easily are words in Singaporean Hokkien typically uses sentence... Need to '' or `` must '' understand, it would still most likely be fundamentally Sanskritic!

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