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daegu subway memorial

All Rights Reserved. The seats on this particular train are fabric and slightly worn, but to their credit, the shape of the cushions are quite comfortably “dished” to support the customer – it makes it feel like a racing train … just kidding. Indeed, that seems to be some fibre optic patch lead – specifically an APC/SC lead in green and a regular SC lead with the blue connector, all monomode. Many of the remodelled Line 1 stations look like this with full height passenger screen doors, tactile tiles, glow-in-the-dark strips pointing towards exits, fluorescent lighting, LED passenger information displays and plenty of advertising lightboxes. The left shows a continuous expansion joint while the right one appears to be an electrically isolated expansion joint. Please pick yourself up and be healthy.”. [Subway] Anjirang Station (Daegu Subway Line 1), Exit 3. Line-to-line transfers are indicated by signage without the whorl logo which seems to break convention to some degree, and as usual, can involve quite a distance of walking. To use this system, you must swipe your card on the reader located at the rear exit doors of the bus. Other features you might find include fire extinguishers, automatic external defibrillators and electric wheelchair battery chargers. I guess it might be cheaper and easier to install compared to a half-height or full-height PSD but it’s quite unique to find it here. WeLoveU Foundation is an NGO approved for association with the UN DGC in 2018. - Take Bus 410 and get off at Apsan Park (앞산공원). Hotels near Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, Daegu on Tripadvisor: Find 1,057 traveler reviews, 4,812 candid photos, and prices for 273 hotels near Gukchaebosang Memorial Park in Daegu, South Korea. Line maps onboard the train include the single-line linear map that focuses on the line served by that particular train. New Daegu Hotel - Offering 48 rooms, New Daegu Hotel is a business accommodation in Daegu, which provides the outdoor swimming pool. 1. . All together, would have passed in several stages, as was written in the plan. Around Daegu, you can find lots of this kind of memorials for the Korean war. One particularly interesting system found in the monorail is the presence of DMD Magic Glass. Overview. I would have never guessed just by looking at it – luckily this was more the exceptional case as most emergency equipment was labelled more obviously. Yep. The next stop from Busan was of course Daegu, which I managed to arrive via Dongdaegu station with my luggage just crammed into the top spot. I’m not quite sure how it works, but it seems to fit a rectangular space better than the “gondola” style system. It’s kind of a merger between department store and railway station, but it’s still visually identifiable as the railway station. That’s forward thinking. Daegu subway construction site explosion on April 28, 1995 which killed 101 and injured 202. – or at least, that’s what the translator thinks this message says. Thanks. Note: Canton Power DDO603SA Buck Boost Module uses a Boost Converter IC? Radiofax: XSQ Guangzhou, China (South China Sea Marine Weather Forecast Center, CMA), Notes: Measuring DC-DC Converter Efficiency (feat. The place where the voluntary service operated was cleaned after the ceremony, but the friendship between the members and the bereave families would be engraved more deeply on both hearts, foretelling the on-going hands of service and love. Moving further away from the city centre, I arrived at Sinmae station where PSD installation preparations had been started but the previous infrastructure remained intact. They had gone to the early morning market and prepared fresh fruits as well. Room was spacious and comfy. The arsonist was Kim Dae-han (김대한|김대한; 金大漢), a 56-year-old unemployed former taxi driver who had suffered a stroke in November 2001 that left him partly paralyzed. Head towards the concourse, and a brass plaque set into the ground commemorates the event, next to a memorial space. The course incl Daegu Duryu Park was built near Duryusan and Geumbongsan mountains in 1977. Some of the stations connect with underground shopping malls, as is customary. The blaze quickly spread to a train on the opposite track, killing 192 people and injuring 148 others. Looking around, I found this Gantt Chart plastered on a wall that suggests that works on the PSD would be running from 6th December 2016 through to 1st October 2017, so my arrival was roughly half-way through the process. This 81.2 km rail, serves nearly 90 stations in total. – Head Cleaning Cassettes, Sony Dynamicron Durable & Excellent Quality, Week 1: DSE, Tandy, Acer, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Sony, Week 2: Apple, SEDA, Foxtel, Global Comp. In accordance with their desire to become more than just a transportation service and be more of an integrated community space, there are various “photo zones” within the subway that may engage adults and children alike. After mentioning the safety-related improvements which drew great focus after the Daegu Subway Fire of 2003, it was rather surprising to see that Line 2 was undergoing platform screen door (PSD) retrofitting at the point I visited toward the end of March 2017. Review, Tested: Verbatim Lifetime Archival (Millenniata/M-Disc) 4x BD-R 25Gb, Review: ADATA Ultimate SU650 480GB 3D NAND SSD (ASU650SS-480GT-R), Review: Toshiba Canvio Basics 4TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (DTB440), Repair: Bauhn Remote Controlled Power Point & AKAI TV Remote Control, Teardown: Sony MP90 Video8 Cassette (and other cassettes), Tested: Generic “Sintechi” FC1307A-based SD to IDE Adapter (SD35VC0). New Daegu Hotel offers proximity to a subway station enabling quick access to Feburary 28th Jungang Memorial Park as well as a stadium and a theme park. Above this is an emergency stop push button on the station – a useful tool in case anyone falls onto the tracks, although the system is staffed by drivers especially on lines 1 and 2. “Let’s Overcome COVID-19 with the WeLoveU”, MOU Between the Intl. The logo in yellow differs slightly, without the stylised M that is often present for metro. Some of the pylons are seen to have evacuation stairways leading into a spiral staircase to ground level. What a shame Sydney’s monorail was such a puny and impractical system that it was eventually dismantled entirely. The fire had spread across two trains within minutes. Being of a newer design, many of the stations are more modern with escalator access, such as the Daegu Grand Park stop shown above which is a favourite destination for baseball fans. Presently, it has 2 rapid lines and 1 monorail line under operations. Daegu subway fire on Feb 18, 2003 which killed 198 and injured 147. Location - it is located at the building Classia just outside exit 21 of Banwoldang Subway Station, an underground shopping area with lots of food. As the DTRO is the only organisation that operates the three lines, the sounds of the system are relatively homogeneous. The Daegu subway fire, The Daegu subway fire occurred on February 18, 2003, when an arsonist, "Kim Dae-Han" set fire to a train which killed 192 people and injured 151 others at the Jungangno Station of the Daegu Metropolitan Subway in Daegu, South Korea. At the memorial ceremony for the victims of Daegu subway tragedy, the New Life Welfare Foundation members wholeheartedly prepared snacks and meals such as coffee, tea, rice cake, boiled fish paste and so on for the attendants. The monorail track infrastructure is quite involved as well – it seems similar to the rubber-tyre metro in terms of the running surface, with the power conductors mounted on the sides. Others Accidents. Just like the previous section on Busan, I had some other transport-related photos I thought worthy of sharing within the same posting. Alas the summer holidays are now over and tomorrow marks the return to full-time work. Construction of the Daegu subway started in 1992. LiitoKala Lii-402), SGJPHK2017: Other Transport in Osaka – Bus, Monorail, JR, Kintetsu, Nankai, Hankyu, Hankai & Kita-Osaka Kyuko, Visited: Osaka Metro, Japan (Sep 2017) – Pt2: Newer Lines, Visited: Osaka Metro, Japan (Sep 2017) – Pt1: Older Lines, Review: Omron Sensor Evaluation Board (2JCIE-EV-AR01) & Air Quality Sensor (B5W-LD0101), Tech Flashback: Panasonic KX-F1010 Plain Paper Fax Machine, Random: Public Transport in the COVID-19 Era, Teardown: D-Link DHP-308AV & Netcomm NP511 HomePlug AV Ethernet-over-Power Adapters, Project: Simple Python-based Controller for Tenda Beli SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Plugs, Notes: Making My First PCBs – Thoughts & Lessons Learned, Note: Dead Bird Icon Labelled “Leaks”? The first time I rode the system, I found the view quite fascinating but also slightly vertigo inducing. At the newest station on Line 1, improved LCD screens are used, with overhead LED indicators above the passenger screen doors which are of a newer design. As they are particularly aware of fire – many trash cans seem to have a bottle of water next to them for a swift response in case of a bin fire. The bus route information here seems a little easier to interpret than at some places in Busan, with some of the stops selectively translated into English. Novotel Ambassador Daegu Is A Stylish 4-Star Hotel That Enjoys Direct Connection To Doran Plaza And Jungang-Ro Subway Station (Daegu Line 1). There was a free bicycle rental scheme at the time of my visit in order to help commuters connect with their local stations. I’d have to say that the Daegu Metro system operated by DTRO is perhaps the cutest and most transparently operated system I’ve come across to date. The subway carriages are quite standard fare, complete with line-maps and advertising inside. WeLoveU Foundation Provides COVID-19 Quarantine Supplies to Laos. The event occurred on April 28, 1995 at 7:52 a.m. in the underground construction site of the 2nd Section of the Sagley Subway Line 2 at Nam High School in Sangin-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City. Some 200 people gathered at the Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation headquarters Thursday for a memorial service. A pagoda for consolation of the dead was erected in Haksan park. The doors were installed but not operative. Their desire for cute seems to have reached funny levels as this label above is (to my knowledge) indicating that this is the emergency crash-bar exit in case of being trapped between the PSD and train. Indicators are provided for carriage doors along with evidence of former handrail-style bars which have since been removed. I wasn’t thinking of doing that … In some sense, this station got more “dangerous” during the retrofit before it gets better. This motel has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom. Construction on Gukchaebosang Memorial Park (located in Dongin-dong, Jung-gu District) began in March 1998 and was completed in December 1999. Then, we also have the obviously not underground Sky Rail Monorail system, Daegu Metro Line 3. … Donation of COVID-19 funds to the Republic of Korea National Red Cross for the socially vulnerable, To promote friendship between Korea and Vietnam and develop cooperation, via video conference because of COVID-19, Signed a letter of intent with the Ecuadorian Embassy in Korea and donated 1,000 test kits and 20,000 face masks, Worldwide sharing life in celebration of the World Blood Donor Day, Delivered funds to WOWS Kids Fiji and signed an MOU with Fijian Embassy in Korea, Donated 1,248 test kits and 10,000 masks to help overcome the global calamity, Tel 031-8017-9060   Fax 031-8017-9070 Even the waiting rooms inside the Line 3 stations showcase artwork featuring the Sky Rail system integrated with the community, which is a nice touch. The running way was also relatively bright – which seemed a little unusual compared to all my experiences in South Korea thus far. Shiny metal trains would pull in and passengers would board and disembark without any intervening doors except for those on the train. It’s not particularly cycle-friendly, but I suppose there aren’t too many cyclists in Korea. It’s important to realise that DTRO’s system is not only underground – at one of the terminuses, you get to see this …. The Sky Rail system is rather amazing – having never seen or ridden one up till my visit, it was interesting to see the pair of concrete and steel beams curve their way around the city at a height of 11m – coincidentally, a height where humans fear jumping from the most. The members encouraged the bereaved families, holding their hands, and said, “We are rather grateful to you for accepting our small help with pleasure. Daegu is very famous for conservativism. Blue Bus: 300, 410, 410-1, 750 Green Bus: Dalseo 4, Dalseo 4-1 . It seems that construction work always follows me on holidays. The label basically says “anxiety no! I guess we have it lucky. Lucky me. … which is something I’ve never seen before which they term a rope-type PSD. Having arrived via Dongdaegu station, I took a quick visit to the main Daegu railway station. Volunteer service at the memorial ceremony for the victims of Daegu subway tragedy. The Daegu Metro system was the third metro system to be constructed in South Korea, with a total of three lines operated by the Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation (DTRO). The bereaved families did not leave the members until the members asked them to deliver some food to the other bereaved families who couldn’t meet them because of the City Hall meeting and promised them to keep in contact with each other. WeLoveU Foundation. The first line opened in 1997, extended in 1998 and 2002, with the second in 2005, extended in 2012 and the third in 2015. SGJPHK2017: Jurong Bird Park, Sinagpore Zoo, River Safari & Night Safari, SGJPHK2017: Oh Deer! Interestingly, there are “care zones” labelled on the platform which are under higher levels of CCTV surveillance. Well, technically, part of it is, the rest is a giant Lotte department store. Located within 11 km of E-World and Daegu Spavalley, Line Motel features rooms in Daegu. Daegu Spa Valley. For the purpose of comforting the bereaved families and preventing reoccurrence of this kind of tragedy, on February 18 the memorial ceremony was held on the road near the Jungang-ro station in Daegu city where the tragic arson attack had occurred. A man with a history of mental illness set a subway car on fire in the morning of Feb. 18, 2003. While walking around, I found some bollards with tactile braille writing on the top. The view out of the front is nice, but because of the long nose and divider in the aisle, it’s hard to get close to the window and thus I could not find a good place to take nice video of the system. The first two lines are conventional underground subway with the third line being a Hitachi straddle-type monorail, the first in South Korea. A Buggy Opal Travel App Update, Quick Review: Kingston A400 960GB SATA SSD (SA400S37/960GB), Early-Access Review: Epishine Light Energy Harvesting Module Evaluation Kit, Review: Generic LZ-681 QC 3.0 + 5V/3.1A Dual-Port USB Car Charger, Note: Capturing VGA Analog Component Frames with an Oscilloscope, Notes: Mains Power Quality, Grid-Connected Solar & Switching, Tech Flashback: OzEmail Internet Starter Kit CD-ROM (2000), RoadTest Review: Keithley 2450 SourceMeter with I-V Tracer App. Looking forward to seeing you on the next blog posting! WeLoveU Foundation | Corporate Registration No. The members cared for the bereaved families and consoled their wounded hearts just like a mother. As is usual with the systems, there is additional room for expansion – they were running 6 carriages at the time, so the remaining section was cordoned off with orange tape. As could be expected, news about a disaster from seventeen years ago was completely eclipsed by the constantly updated numbers of COVID-19 cases from Daegu. The train operates in driverless mode, however, the system is fitted for driver operation with a closed-down control panel. They had gone to the early morning market and prepared fresh fruits as well. The ride was also slight bumpy with the monorail making a periodic “thump” as it passed over expansion joints. The SkyRail uses half-height passenger screen doors. Daegu* has some 2.5 million inhabitants and lies in the south of the Korean peninsula, about 120 km north of Busan. This is a glass which frosts up under electronic control, alleviating privacy concerns for residents of apartment blocks adjacent to the monorail line. Review: Bakeey 116 Pro (Teng Jinda/LeFun Health) Smartwatch – Step, Sleep, HR, BP, SPO2 for $15? The ceremony went on for three hours from 9:30 a.m. while about 2,000 citizens were present including the bereaved families and officials from Daegu city. Rides are, as usual, inexpensive and the system is easy to navigate, convenient, safe and above all else, musical. Yes, that giant shopping centre is the station. There are also system maps that depict all three lines, however, unusually there are two variants of the map. Yes, Jung Yerin (GFRIEND), I will buy the Hosigi double fried-chicken … *cough cough*. The park is home to Daegu Tower (the tallest observation tower in Korea), Ubang Tower Land, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, and numerous other cultural and leisure facilities. South Korean police say they have arrested seven railway officials over the subway fire in the city of Daegu which killed at least 133 people and has left scores missing. This is the only water park and spa in Daegu that is open all year around. The Daegu subway fire occurred on February 18, 2003, when an arsonist, "Kim Dae-Han" set fire to a train which killed 192 people and injured 151 others at the Jungangno Station of the Daegu Metropolitan Subway in Daegu, South Korea. WeLoveU Foundation and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Provision of Protective Equipment Against COVID-19 to Ecuador, Providing Medical Expenses to Fijian Children Suffering from Cancer, Intl. Towards the end of the platform in the blue bag is additional steel for the continuing construction of the system. The stations are numbered – this one being 238 – and signed using a square “pole” style sign. The Intl. Sega World, Sony, Motor Show, Vodafone, CPGA168 or Socket 0/1/486 (Intel/AMD/Cyrix), Fujitsu MHZ2120BH FFS G1 (2.5″ 120GB 2009), Fujitsu MJA2160BH FFS G1 (2.5″ 160GB 2009), Hitachi HTS541040G9SA00 Travelstar (2.5″ 40GB 2006), Hitachi HTS541060G9SA00 Travelstar (2.5″ 60GB 2006), Hitachi HTS543232A7A384 (2.5″ 320GB 2011), Hitachi IC25N060ATMR04-0 Travelstar (2.5″ 60GB 2005), IBM 19K1552 Fireball lct (3.5″ 10.1GB 2000), IBM DPTA-372050 Deskstar (3.5″ 20.5GB 2000), IBM DTLA-307030 Deskstar (3.5″ 30.7GB 2000), Maxtor 6L250R0 DiamondMax 10 (3.5″ 250GB 2008), Maxtor 6Y120L0 DiamondMax Plus 9 (3.5″ 120GB 2005), Quantum 1080AT Fireball (3.5″ 1080MB 1995), Quantum 6.4AT EX64A024 Fireball EX (3.5″ 6.4GB 1999), Quantum Fireball Plus AS (3.5″ 20.5GB 2001), Samsung SP2514N SpinPoint (3.5″ 250GB 2007), Seagate ST3120022A Barracuda 7200.7 (3.5″ 120GB 2004), Seagate ST3120026A Barracuda 7200.7 (3.5″ 120GB 2004), Seagate ST320413A U Series 5 (3.5″ 20GB 2002), Seagate ST3250318AS Barracuda 7200.12 (3.5″ 250GB 2010), Seagate ST32531A Medalist (3.5″ 2557MB 1998), Seagate ST3320613AS Barracuda 7200.11 (3.5″ 320GB 2008), Seagate ST3320620A Barracuda 7200.10 (3.5″ 320GB 2007), Seagate ST340014A Barracuda 7200.7 (3.5″ 40GB 2004), Seagate ST34342A Medalist (3.5″ 4303MB 1998), Seagate ST360021A Barracuda ATA IV (3.5″ 60GB 2002), Seagate ST380021A Barracuda ATA IV (3.5″ 80GB 2003), Seagate ST380023A Barracuda ATA V (3.5″ 80GB 2003), Seagate ST950043AS Momentus (2.5″ 500GB 2011), Seagate ST96812A Momentus 5400.2 (2.5″ 60GB 2006), WD WD1600AAJS-00PSA0 Caviar SE (3.5″ 160GB 2007), WD WD1600BEVS-08VAT2 Scorpio Blue (2.5″ 160GB 2009), WD WD1600BEVS-22RST0 Scorpio (2.5″ 160GB 2007), WD WD2000JB-00GVC0 Caviar SE (3.5″ 200GB 2005), WD WD2500AAJS-60Z0A0 Caviar Blue (3.5″ 250GB 2010), WD WD2500JB-00GVA0 Caviar SE (3.5″ 250GB 2005), WD WD2500YD-01NVB1 Caviar RE16 (3.5″ 250GB 2005), WD WD3000JB-00KFA0 Caviar SE (3.5″ 300GB 2006), WD WD3200JB-00KFA0 Caviar SE (3.5″ 320GB 2006), WD WD400BB-22HEA1 Caviar (3.5″ 40GB 2004), WD WD400BB-60DGA0 Caviar (3.5″ 40GB 2003), WD WD5000AAKS-00TMA0 Caviar SE16 (3.5″ 500GB 2007), SD/SDHC/SDXC CID CSD Register Data Database, LG GGW-H20L Supermultiblue Media Code Support List for Firmware YL07, Teardown: Osram Dulux EL Longlife 20W/827 Compact Fluorescent Lamp, Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation (DTRO), 20170325-DaeguMetro-SA-YeungnamUniversity, 20170327-DaeguMetro-DO-Jingle-Seolhwa-Myeonggok, 20170326-DaeguMetro-TS-MunyangTerminateJingle+MA, 20170326-DaeguMetro-TS-YeungnamUniversity-Jingle, 20170327-DaeguMetro-TS-ChilgokKyungpookNUMC, Project: TSP-Scripted Battery Simulation for Keithley 2450 SourceMeter, R&S NGM202: Developing a Li-Ion Battery Model with Multi-Level Current Waveform, Review: Keeppower IMR26650 3.7V 5500mAh Unprotected Li-Ion Battery (UH2655). Apsan Park is one of the largest urban-eco parks in Daegu, covering an area of around 508 pyeong (approx. Computer Products PM941 48V to 5V Module), RoadTest Review: Vishay SiC461 microBUCK 10A Synchronous Buck Converter Reference Design, SGJPHK2017 Osaka Pt 2: Osaka Castle, Temples and Shrines, Review: Sofirn SP33 V3 3500lm XHP50.2 Flashlight w/5500mAh 26650 Li-Ion Battery, Repair: Rohde & Schwarz NGM202 Power Supply Cooling Fan, Review, Teardown: L336 Learning Infrared Remote Control (& Reviving a Dead Remote), Review: Keeppower 26650 3.7V 5500mAh Protected Li-Ion Battery (P2655C), SGJPHK2017 Osaka Pt 1: The Best Views of the City, Review: Escam PVR008 Full-HD H.265 Pan-Tilt Wireless IP Camera, SGJPHK2017 Kyoto: A Half-Day in Sagano & Arashiyama, SGJPHK2017 Kyoto: A View from Kyoto Tower & Other Random Images, Quick Review: Astrolux FT03 SST40 CW 6500K + HLY 26650 3.6V 5000mAh Li-Ion Cell, SGJPHK2017 Kyoto: Shimogamojinja, Toji, Yasaka Shrine, Doshisha University & Botanical Gardens, SGJPHK2017 Kyoto: Chishakuin, Daigoji, Enkoji, Kamigamojinja, Heianjingu, Kitano Tenmangu, Ryoanji & Shoseien, SGJPHK2017 Kyoto: Daikakuji, Eikando Zenrinji, Ginkakuji, Hiranojinja, Nanzenji & Nishi Honganji, Quick Review: Generic 4000W “SCR” Voltage Regulator, Dimmer, Motor Speed Controller, SGJPHK2017 Kyoto: Nijojo, Kinkakuji, Fushimi Castle, Fushimi Inari-Taisha, Tofukuji & Fujinomori-jinja, SGJPHK2017: The Imperial Palaces & Villas of Kyoto, Japan, SGJPHK2017: Snapshots from Singapore (Part 2), SGJPHK2017: Snapshots from Singapore (Part 1).

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